Thursday, December 14, 2023

The Blue Jays Franchise is in Trouble!

 The Blue Jays Franchise is in Trouble!!!!!

Lord Voldemort Performing the Avada Kedavra Curse on Ross Atkins

These are dark and dangerous times for the Toronto Blue Jays franchise.  General Manager Ross Atkins, having missed out on signing Shohei Ohtani (in fact, being used as a stooge, a patsy) now has nothing left that he can do to improve the ballclub.  

It is clear to those of us who closely study the game of baseball that the window for contention is now over.  Star players have underperformed and are on the way out of town.  The 2024 season promises to be the worst in the history of the club.  

How I long for the good old days:

Jays Legend Charlie Montoyo

Sadly, all we have left is the hope that the other Toronto-based sports franchises provide us:

I will continue to collect vintage sports cards, as the current day squads I cheer for never win, never have competent management, never have anything good happen to them, never have luck, and are always doomed to fail, forevermore!