Monday, December 18, 2023

It's that time again! The JITH Annual Holiday Assistance Fund

It's been a hard year. Not just in being a fan (there's been a lot of heartbreak) but in just getting through. We've had people fleeing wildfires, having large unexpected expenses, struggle to find housing (or maybe that's just me), and other challenges. So I'm not sure how much capacity the community has to give but the consensus was to go anyway.

Click this link to donate. I'm using the same setup as the last couple of years, which means the goal doesn't reset. It is starting at $3,325 so you can do the math to figure out where we are this season. I can do updates if people want. 

You can be completely anonymous, either requesting or donating. For fraud reasons, GoFundMe shows me the name but I won't tell. I also have the ability to turn donations anonymous so if GoFundMe won't let you, just let me know. I figure we run it until the 24th, as most people will have gotten a paycheque by then. (Bi-weekly pay periods pay out on the 22nd.)

If you are in need and can use some financial assistance, email me at by Friday so I can add you on the distribution list.

Thanks in advance for anything you can contribute. And thanks to those who are brave enough to ask for help.