Monday, January 11, 2021

Tunes n' Tarot - Monday edition

 Since this didn't get to happen Saturday night, we're starting the week with it! (btw, my work schedule is crazy this week too so I know I will crash as soon as I finish Friday night.)

This week's card is The Pitcher. In a traditional tarot deck this card is known as The Sun. The keywords are Clarity, Comprehension, Contentment, Success, Happiness. Just as everything orbits around the sun, everything in the game orbits around the pitcher. He sets the pace. (Brisk, please!) The win or loss gets attributed to him. (Cue the argument about the bullshit nature of pitcher win/losses.) Doc is the epitome of this card, artistry and intense focus, being almost superhuman. An enigma. It wasn't until we lost him that we saw how much of him we didn't know. Such as it is with this card. 

However, like the sun appearing to end a rain delay, this card is a good omen. Things are turning around. All that time you've spent perfecting a pitch is now paying off. As the sun moves the clouds away, you see new things that were in the dark before. Keep focused on the things that matter, take control of the game, know that others are looking to you for leadership. Use your energy wisely.

As for the tunes portion of this post, this is the song in my head atm: