Tuesday, July 21, 2020

(Please Don't) Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

two socks, two exhibition games. coincidence?

there ain't much to see here, frankly -- this post is the result of surplus volume more'n anything else.

i mean, c'mon. exhibition games? no one cares.

and besides, okay, yeah: i am super-rusty re. game threads. once the real games get underway later this week, however, rest assured that we at JitH remain committed to providing you nothing less than the expert coverage / entertainment experience you have come to expect of us (and so richly deserve). *

* altogether untrue and certainly not guaranteed

Nate Pearson gets the nod tonight, Trent Thornton Wednesday. first pitch (both games at Fenway, of course) is scheduled for 7:30PM EDT. i'm not sure i've seen Pearson throw. with any luck, we're in for a treat.


in the meantime, this is your "exhibition games" thread.