Friday, May 8, 2020

Mother's Day Mash-Up Extravaganza!

this is me pre-pandemic...

...and this is me, now. fuck you, coronavirus!


as though Murder Hornets and coronavirus weren't enough to contend with, i woke to discover three inches of snow fell overnight. worse still: i was shorted one heavy IPA at the Beer Store yesterday.

how on Earth am i supposed to prove it? i cannot afford to absorb the loss.

hobbies are increasingly difficult to come by. having grown tired of counting birds and squirrels, i am now trying to determine how many pairs of shoes my neighbours' landlord owns. she has paid the building five visits this week, each time in different footwear. quite fascinating.

have at 'er, you filthy disease vectors; and remember to call your mother on Sunday (and curse her for bringing you into this God-forsaken world).