Thursday, December 20, 2018

After the Hump Day Gratitude

Ok, so I missed yesterday. I didn't want to turn on my computer when I came home Tuesday night, telling myself I'd do the post in the morning. And then I forgot.

This week I am grateful that my first boyfriend, who has been such a huge financial help to me this year, came through again with a 6 month membership at my local Y. I'm loving being back in the pool and my shoulders are getting better. I can swim a little now, which I am also grateful for.

I am grateful for all the money that came my way this year from all of you. You're the best.

It's my dad's birthday today and I'm grateful he is still with us, that he got through this very stressful year. I'm grateful that he'll finally get a move-in date in a month. I'm grateful that soon he'll be where my mom is and I won't have to worry about him travelling to see her in bad weather. And I am grateful that we as a family weathered this very tough year.

What are you grateful for?