Monday, December 18, 2017

Manic Mondays/aka Transaction Friday

Hello All,

Today is the day, I can feel it. One large trade/acquisition before the Grinches go ruin Christmas.

Really running out of things to talk about regarding the Jays so unless something happens, maybe we can talk about the weather. 

It snowed in Calgary. 

Ok...that didn't take long...

How about we post Youtube vide.....whats that? We did that? Literally 2 days ago? Oh.


I have an idea. If Santa Kittens wasn't the Grinch, what would you ask for as a Christmas gift? Actually, which 2 things, 1 unrealistic and 1 at least semi possible.

Conversely, you can just share what/where you'll be doing for the Holidays.

And go.