Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Happy Holiday Hangover

Hello All,

I hope everyone's holiday was fantastic or at the very least, relaxing. It sounds like some of us had a little more than the required amount of rum, I mean fun.

MLBTR had a brief live chat with Steve Adams, which I not very thoroughly read through. Mostly people asking if this player will sign here, that player there, or the ever so clever thing where people post as the player in question and say, "Where am I going?".

Stolen Prayers had a great idea for a post, which I am going to steal immediately because frankly, other than the Ohtani thing, where he boringly signed in LA or the Stanton thing, where he *dry heave* signed *gag* with the Yankees *projectile vomiting*, there hasn't been a whole lot happening.

He suggested we discuss:

Our Favorite Sports Moment


Our Favorite Athlete

I'm not sure if this was meant to be isolated to 2017 or not but don't feel bound to that time frame.

For everyone back to work, I'm sorry/are you hiring?

For everyone off for a few more days, enjoy it/are you hiring?

Happy Holidays