Sunday, December 11, 2022

So Stupid Sexy Kiermaier is ours


No idea what the terms on the signing is yet. You wanted a left-handed bat, they got a left-handed bat. You wanted a CF, they got a CF. This is most likely a pivot after not getting their original target. You know, it happens. You can through all the money in the world at someone and they may choose to go somewhere else for personal reasons. But no, this is just more examples to you that the front office is incompetent. And so the bitching cycle continues. I'm so done with all of this shit.

And while I'm at, when did "Stupid Sexy Kiermaier" become my thing? It was being used on the site long before I ever used the term. I just repeated what you started. I don't even think he's all that sexy. Dude can take some weight off Springer in center. That's all I care about.

Continue bitching. That seems to be all you care about.