Thursday, March 24, 2022

So Do You Want to Do a Podcast? (Oh, and Grichuk traded)


Those eyes one last time

So my plan to let the last thread ride another day hit a snag with the trading of Randall Grichuk to the Colorado Rockies for Ramiel Tapia and Adrian Pinto. We're now over 900 comments. And as many think another shoe is going to drop, a new thread seems prudent.

This also allows me to talk about something that will get lost in the comments. I had a meeting today with a podcast producer and I talked to him about the possibility of a JITH podcast, something I've heard bounced around for years. He said that being in different locations isn't a problem and he pointed me to a couple of sites that allow for recording independent audio tracks while having a discussion. I'm looking into them.

So that leaves commitment. Noopi is in but not until August. We can look at rotating hosts as a model, or designate the same group. We'd also have to talk about what would make this podcast different from other Jays podcasts. (The idea I came up was to interview a long-time Jays fan each time and have them share stories of players gone by.) We'd also have to decide on length. Personally I wouldn't want anything longer than 30 minutes but I'm leaving that up to the collective to decide.

To go forward, I need some people to commit to being on board at the beginning on a regular schedule. From there we can figure out logistics and structure. Even if you aren't interested, ideas are welcome. If we do this, it will be the public voice of the community. I want to make sure everyone has input in that.