Saturday, October 31, 2020

Tunes 'n Tarot


Welcome to another edition of Tunes 'n Tarot!

Today's card is Home Plate. You all know the importance of touching it to score a run. In this deck, it stands for coming full circle. I'm going to share some of what the companion book says about this card.

You are finally in a position to look back on past difficulties and see how they contributed to subsequent growth. Work that you really care about will bear fruit while work that holds no meaning for you becomes harder to tolerate. Don't undersell you own ideas and don't be ar\fraide to go it alone. Success comes through long-term commitment. Draw on your accumulated knowledge and keep learning.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is there a part of my life that is coming full circle? To what am I returning? How have I changed since last time? What does my past experience tell me about the present? What lessons have I learned? Refused to learn? What individual successa am I having or hoping for? When do I feel fulfilled? Only in play? Only in work? How can I have more impact on my circumstances? What's my plan? 

Now for the tunage. I see you have discovered Luna. Let me share my faves (can't choose between them). This one combines a kick ass Thunderstruck with a song I adore, Black Magic Woman:

This was how I discovered her:

Feel free to share your tunes below!