John Gibbons - Gibby - has been a long time favourite of this site. I can't count how many comments have just simply been #gibbythebest or #gibbydabest. So here's to you, Mr Gibbons! Good luck and thanks for all the fish. Here's what JITH posters want to say:

Thank you to one of the best managers (if not the best) in the history of this franchise. Thanks for coming around on the stupidity of the sacrifice bunt (just 5 so far this year). Also, thanks for the way you managed the bullpen throughout both of your stints in Toronto. Finally thanks for being the best managerial interview in baseball regardless of the state of the team at the time, and for your even keeled approach to the game. We are truly going to miss you around here Gibby. Good luck in your future baseball endeavours. I don’t think you’ll be out of baseball as a manager for too long, and whoever hires you next will be damn lucky to have you in their organization.
Tom Jackson

Gibby, I hope wherever you land next, you will find success. What has happened this season is not your fault.
Tina Poole

Thank you Gibby. I would love to buy you a steak dinner. All the best no matter where this world takes you. Hopefully it’s in Arlington as Manager of the Rangers. 

There is no doubt that you know how much you mean to us, us being Jays fans. So glad you were able to really feel the love today. Tip of the cap to all of you who could make a 4:00pm game on a Wed in Sept . 

You have left some mighty big shoes to fill. Sorry, boots, cowboy boots. 
Jason Britton